Waste incineration field

 High-temperature FGR Mild combustion incinerator

  New environmental technology
 Certification No. 490
 Verification NO. 247

  Patent No. 10-1533164,

  It is an eco-friendly incinerator created through the application of new environmental technology that fundamentally reduces the production of nitrogen oxide (NOx), a contributor to acid rain and fine dust. This reduction is achieved by eliminating the ultra-high-temperature region (1,200℃ or higher) generated partially inside the combustion chamber through the recirculation of high-temperature gas (Flue gas recirculation, FGR) within the combustion chamber.

  Features of Incinerators with High Temperature FGR MILD
    Combustion Method

1. Reduced clinker attachment

  • As the molten fly ash material in the incinerator meets cold air and hardens, it reduces the generation of clinker attached to the wall surface, thereby improving the ease of maintenance and longevity of the incinerator.
    Attach a clinker to an existing incinerator After removing the existing incinerator clinker at the nozzle Attach a technology-applied clinker to the nozzle

2. Effects of inhibiting nitrogen oxide production

  • Nitrogen oxide generation is suppressed by eliminating the flame zone of 1,200℃ or higher, where the amount of nitrogen oxide produced rapidly increases.  
    Existing incinerator flame                   Technology-applied incinerator flame NOx concentration before treatment of air pollutants
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