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 Sublimation garden (cremator)

  A park-like modern makeup in harmony with the natural landscape, shortens makeup time by constructing ceramic fibers with low heat transfer rate and heat storage in the facility.

  Easy operation with various safety-oriented interlock configurations and centralized control system automation using PLC

  Using special silicon carbide refractories in rowan cars to improve durability

  Fuel savings through complete combustion, lead-free, odorless design, and reduced makeup time due to scientific design

 Small scale cremator (For export)

  Export model with a simple structure that minimizes initial and maintenance costs

  Smoke-free, odorless, and minimizing air pollutants through scientific design

  Shortened cremation time and fuel savings by configuring optimal combustion conditions

  Convenient working environment

  Installed and operated locally in cooperation with
 the Cambodian Ministry of Environment

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